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TPX Motorcycle Laser Jammer and Parking Sensor System

$ 599.99

The TPX™ Motorcycle Laser Jammer and Parking Sensor System is the most advanced laser jamming and parking sensor system available for motorcycle use.  This second generation system is designed with new hardware capable of preventing all laser guns used around the world from obtaining a speed reading.

While radar is still widely used, laser (a.k.a. LIDAR) is quickly finding its way into many law enforcement agencies’ arsenals.

Unlike radar, the beam emitted from a laser gun is very narrow and doesn’t tend to scatter. This makes early detection extremely difficult, if not impossible. Typically, by the time a radar detector alerts you of a laser signal, the laser gun has already recorded your speed. The TPX™ Motorcycle Laser Jammer System eliminates this situation by jamming the laser signal and preventing the gun from obtaining a speed reading.

The TPX™ Laser Jammer System is a stand-alone system.  An ultra bright LED alert, audio output port, dual front transponder, control switch, and mounting hardware compatible with most bikes with fairing are all included. To keep pace with ever advancing technology, the system's software can be updated for free via its USB port.

The TPX™ Laser Jammer System features a self shutoff option and is waterproof, vibration proof, and simple to operate so you can focus on your ride.  Optional rear transponder is available separately for added protection.

The TPX™ Motorcycle Laser Jammer and Parking Sensor System is shipped as a Parking Sensor System and has the Laser Jamming function disabled.

Laser Jammer is legal in all states except California, Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Washington DC.  It is also illegal in many other parts of the world.  Check your local laws and regulations regarding its legality in your area.

Item will be shipped from Nevada.  Direct signature is required to receive this item.  Adaptiv Tech is not responsible for customs duty.  If the carrier is unable to deliver your shipment and your shipment is returned to us, you will receive a refund, less shipping charge.  We reserve the right to upgrade your shipment to UPS, FedEx, or DHL without notice.

Previous TPX™ Motorcycle Laser Jammer System owner can receive a $100 rebate for trading in the old version.

  • Proven Laser Jamming technology
  • Jams all laser guns
  • Parking Sensor mode
  • Stand-alone system
  • USB updatable
  • Easy integration with audio and communication systems
  • Visual Alert included
  • Waterproof construction
  • Compatible with TPX Wireless Headset
  • One year limited warranty
  • Transponders (2)
  • Interface Box
  • Control Switch
  • Visual Alert
  • Mounting Brackets (2)