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Download Product Manuals

TPX™ Manuals AdaptivMount™ Manuals
TPX Pro (PDF, 1.4MB) Sportbike Mount (PDF, 242K)
TPX Version 2 (PDF, 10.1MB)
Handlebar Mount (PDF, 265K)
Wireless Headset (PDF, 218K)
Control Mount (PDF, 267K)
Visual Alert (PDF, 257K)
HC Mount (PDF, 276K)
Quick-Release Mount Plate (PDF, 346K)
KZ Mount (PDF, 253K)
Automotive Kit (PDF, 112K)
Horizontal Control Mount (PDF, 329K)
Bluetooth Transceiver (PDF, 225K)
Mirror Hole Mount (PDF, 342K)
12V USB Power Supply (PDF, 111K)
Reservoir Mount (PDF, 361K)
Stabilizer Mount Type G (PDF, 307K)
GlowRider™ Manuals
Stabilizer Mount Type S (PDF, 311K)
GlowRider Lithium Battery (PDF, 684K)
Sportbike Mount Type D (PDF, 448K)
Skinny Bar Mount (PDF, 233K)

TPX Pro Database Update

  • Download and extract Database Updater Zip file onto your Windows computer.
  • Download the latest database file (last update 2019/1)
  • Open WinUSB folder and install InstallUsbDrive file (not necessary if you have installed this already).
  • Open TPX Updater Software.
  • Connect TPX Pro to your computer.
  • From TPX Updater Software, click on UPDATE and select the downloaded database file.  You may need to type in the file name as the file may not show up in the drop down menu.
  • When database is updated to the TPX Pro, disconnect it from the computer.

TPX Pro Datapoint Input

  • Please allow 30 days for addition/removal verification

Product Registration