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Park-N-Move Cruiser

$ 349.99

Just like the Park N Move™ but for use with most bikes without a center stand!

The Park N Move Cruiser™ allows motorcycle owners to move their motorcycles around the garage easily, effortlessly, and securely.  It is designed for one person to move the motorcycle on it in any location they desire in the garage.

The Park N Move Cruiser™ is compatible with most motorcycles with traditional "downtube" frame with the bottom two parallel frame tubes being the lowest part of the motorcycle.  Check the manual to confirm compatibility.

It has four 360° heavy-duty casters allowing your motorcycle to be placed anywhere room is available so that valuable floor space in your garage is used in the most efficient manner. The casters are also lockable so that you can anchor your motorcycle in place once parked and store it away securely when not in use.

The Park N Move Cruiser™ is designed for single person operation. Its low profile allows for minimal effort to place the bike on it and stores out of the way when not in use as you can hang it on the wall, put it on a shelf, or lean it up against a wall to maximize your garage space.

The Park N Move Cruiser™ comes with a lifetime warranty on all components and is proudly made in the USA.  Originally designed and distributed by Legal Speeding Enterprises.

  • No modification needed to your bike to use it
  • Compact design
  • Heavy duty lockable casters
  • 1,100 pounds weight capacity
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Park N Move Cruiser Dolly